La Reina – Round Knit Angora & Wool Cardigan

4,000 kr

Our most exclusive cardigan with a classic look and mother of pearl buttons in front. Straight mid-high fit. This super soft and warm art piece was designed by Melina Ånstrand inspired by ermine tails. It is knitted 100% by hand in Chaleca’s own yarn blend with Corridale fine wool and sustainably sourced angora. For this item we hand dye the yarn ourselves to get the exact nuances.

The cardigan is made to order, it will take around eight week for it to be knitted and delivered.



Who made it?
The garment is made by knitters in a cooperative outside La Paz, Bolivia. This garment is 100% hand knitted. We are proud to be able to pay a fair share in return for the high quality craftsmanship.

The garment is made from Chaleca’s own yarn blend with Corridale wool and Angora – a light weight, super fine yarn that gives warmth, softness, halo and fluffiness. Our Corriedale wool comes from sheep grazing in the Falkland Islands and is of high welfare. The angora fibres comes from angora rabbits at a German farm where the animals are treated with respect, fed with local natural grains and shaved gently by hand. The Corridale-Angora yarn is spun at an English spinning mill which is licensed for organic production and dyeing.

Choose the size you usually wear for regular fit or a larger size for loose fit. For kids clothes we recommend you to order one size up.

Care instructions
As with all knitted wool garments, the rule of thumb is to avoid washing them frequently. They will last longer if you spot clean and air them. The humidity in the air helps the fibres to recapture its resistance to dirt and odour. When you do wash your garment, we recommend hand wash or machine wash at 30°C with no spin. Only use mild wool detergents and dry flat on a towel.