Our Materials


Alpaca Wool 

Most of our garments are made from 100% alpaca wool that comes from llamas and alpacas in the highlands around La Paz in Bolivia. The animals’ fibers provide alpaca wool that is way superior to other types of wool as it is both light weight and warm. The characteristics of the Bolivian alpaca wool is its soft and silk-like nature which gives the garment shimmering and a similar fall as a silk fabric. It lasts longer than any other luxury fibre. Alpaca have evolved over thousands of years in the high Andean mountains where winters are cold and harsh, and the summers hot. At the high altitude, you want to carry as little extra weight as possible. Alpaca wool is also famous for not itching or causing allergies, and is therefore friendly and suitable to anyone, even babies and people with sensitive skin. In addition alpaca is a sustainable choice of fibre with low environmental impact. The alpacas graze freely with minimal impact on the land.


Chaleca’s own Fine Wool & Angora Yarn

For our exclusive line we have developed a unique own yarn consisting of Corriedale wool and angora – a light weight, super fine yarn that gives warmth, softness, halo and fluffiness to the knitwear. Corriedale is an old cross breed sheep that produces a lovely, fine yarn soft enough to wear next to the skin. Our Corriedale wool comes from sheep grazing in the Falkland Islands and is of high welfare. The angora fibres are from angora rabbits at a farm in Germany where the animals are treated with respect, fed with local natural grains and shaved gently by hand.


Care instructions

As with all knitted wool garments, the rule of thumb is to avoid washing them frequently. They will last longer if you spot clean and air them. The humidity in the air helps the fibres to recapture its resistance to dirt and odour. When you do wash your garment, we recommend hand wash or machine wash at 30°C with no spin. Only use mild wool detergents. The garment should be dried flat on a towel. Take care of stains as quickly as possible. For stains that are not easily removed, start with treating the stain with bile soap on the affected area. Wait about 20 minutes before washing it by hand or in the machine.