This is Chaleca

Chaleca strives to generate better incomes for knitters in Bolivia while providing lasting exclusive knitwear to girls and boys, women and men.

We believe that making a top quality garment requires skills, craftsmanship and finest raw material. This is why all our garments are not available in stock at all times. Chaleca explores details in traditional timeless cuts – inspired by quality and function that matter, we make classic and sustainable knitwear.

Most of our garments are unisex fits. Some have a feminine look. Fair wages that reflect the skills and efforts that knitters put into each garment should be taken for granted. Historically, women have not been paid a fair share for their craftsmanship Рand in our time of fast fashion Рprices and wages are pushed to the bottom. When we started Chaleca 2012 one source of inspiration was the business model of the Swedish company Bohus Knitting. Through exclusively designed, hand knitted circle knitted collar cardigans, the company enabled women to earn an income during the great depression and onwards (1939-1969) in Bohuslän at the Swedish west coast. Our knitwear is designed in Sweden and knitted by women in Bolivia. Through Chaleca we hope to contribute a small share to their empowerment and expanded opportunities.